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Poultry manure valorising
The Poul-AR® system applies eco innovative principles and technologies to open a sustainable route for nutrient recovery and energy production from poultry manure.
Poultry manure is very rich in nitrogen and phosphorus and in organic material. Both the form and the N/P ratio in which the natural nutrients are present make the manure less suitable for a direct application as a natural fertilizer. On the other hand, poultry manure has a biogas potential as high as energy crops but which cannot be addressed as mono digestion due to its high nitrogen content.
The Poul-AR® technology makes it possible to eliminate and recover the nitrogen creating the environment to utilize the high biogas potential from the poultry manure. The produced biogas can be converted into green gas, electrical energy and/or thermal energy.
Two step pretreatment process for poultry manure for more than an 80% nitrogen removal with:
Mesophilic ammonification
Thermophilic de-ammonification or stripping
Recovery of more than 80% nitrogen as ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate or ammonia water.
Assuming standard manure quality for layers and broilers biogas production equal to:
300 kWh(e) or 70 Nm3 off methane per ton of manure for layers
450 kWh(e) or 105 Nm3 of methane per ton of manure for broilers

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