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Efficient wastewater treatment with anammox
In a wide range of sectors highly polluted wastewater is produced. One of the main pollutants in such wastewater is nitrogen. Nitrogen removal from wastewater is an energy consuming process generating high costs.
Anammox processes are the cost effective and sustainable solutions for treating this highly polluted wastewater.
The Innovative technology, known as NAS®, is realized in many configurations to comply with both sidestream and mainstream treatment and the specific needs of each wastewater, sector, within
Food and beverage industry
Manure processing industry
Municipal wastewater treatment
Anammox microorganisms combat ammonium in an efficient way, shortcutting the conventional nitrogen cycle. Colsen’s anammox technologies come in many configurations: MBR, SBR, ONE, MAS®. every configuration has its own advantages and applications. In this way it is possible to supply tailor made and anammox systems in a wide range of sectors.
In the field of wastewater treatment systems, NAS generate 40 overall savings in operational costs those savings mainly relate to low energy consumption, decreasing sludge production and absence of carbon additives
All NAS® technologies, are equipped with Colsen's cutting-edge aeration process control to optimize the profits of applying anammox even further.

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