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Digestión termófila

Energy from waste
Using an aerobic digestion, biogas is produced from organic waste streams with high dry matter content, including industrial organic waste products, wastewater treatment sludge and manure.
The combination of various waste streams can increase the biogas production and is called Co digestion. the base substrate in code gestion is often manure or sludge to which substrates that produced more biogas, are added. However, for some applications and business cases it can be of added value to have mono digestion, using only one substrate. COLSEN is specialized in mono digestion of:
Municipal wastewater sludge
The anaerobic digestion process takes place in two different ranges of temperature, in example from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius mesophilic range and from 50 to 55 ºC thermophilic range. Next paragraph Colsen designs all its anaerobic digestion installations they operate in the thermophilic range, because the increase in reaction rate results in smaller reactor volumes. Thermophilic digestion can convert a larger part of the organic fraction, compared to the conventional mesophilic processes, resulting in an increased biogas production. The side effect of the high temperature is the pasteurization effects, killing the present pathogens, viruses, and germs. As a result of the higher digestion temperature, more organic nitrogen is liberated as ammonium, which makes these stream more suitable for nitrogen removal (NAS®) or nitrogen recovery (AMFER®).
Thermophilic anaerobic digestion is complementary with the unique mixing and heating device of the group (DIGESTMIX®). This allows for a very stable and efficient operation of the digester which also prevents downtime of the digestion process during maintenance.
Higher biogas production

More possibilities for nutrient recovery

Posterization kills pathogens.

Maximization of operational hours

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