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Biological desulphurisation of biogas
biogas contains corrosive elements, primarily characterized by hydrogen sulfide. and treated by a gas can cause severe damage to valorization equipment such as boilers, CHP or biogas upgrading systems. This results in very high maintenance costs or permanent damage. the BID OX® system guarantees a very low hydrogen sulfide output, which minimizes maintenance costs and damage to valorization equipment.
The BIDOX® system is characterized by its low operational costs since it's needs of no chemical addition. Due to the simplicity of the process only a limited amount of components and electrical consumers are required, resulting in a very low energy consumption.
The sulphide containing biogas is treated by aerobic bacteria in a wet biological scrubber system. The bacteria combat H2S from the biogas under Nairobi conditions. A small amount of overflow from the scrubbing water is periodically drained from the BIDOX® only require a low amount of trace elements provided by Colsen’s Nutridox® and little aeration, resulting in lower operational costs. The open packing material and optimized scrubber design prevent the BIDOX® from clogging, ensuring a low maintenance system.
Low operational costs
Biological process, no chemicals needed
Limited maintenance
No process obstruction resulting from forming or precipitation


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