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Ammonia recuperation
Nitrogen is an important fertilizing element in manure and digestate. Using ammonia stripping/scrubbing technology, ammonia can be separated from the manure or digestate while producing a circular nitrogen fertilizer.
The AMFER® can be used in various configurations and setups:
Treating digestate to lower end concentration
Parallel over the digester to control ammonia levels
Pretreatment of manure before aerobic treatment
The specific design of the AMFER® stripping/scrubbing installation allows the treatment of highly polluted streams, like fresh manure or unseparated digestate but also more liquid products like liquid fractions can be processed.
The AMFER® is available as plug and play container in a custom-made modular installation. Containerized installations have a capacity up to five m3/h.
The N-fertilizer is a liquid ammonia solution containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate.
Operating an AMFER® improves the biogas production of the digester, as the nitrogen inhibition is avoided. Alternatively, the required arable land for spreading the manure/digestate is reduced up to 40% as nitrogen levels are lower. At the same time a high-quality liquid fertilizer is produced, which can be applied in precision farming and fertigation systems.

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