Ahidra 97


19 April 2024

Ahidra begins performance tests of an ultrafiltration installation as a tertiary treatment to recover water in one of the companies of the Miquel y Costas group which is a pioneer in the design and implementation of tertiary systems for water reuse in the Spanish state.

Ahidra's know-how in secondary and tertiary treatments implemented here allows them to have microfiltered, ultrafiltered and osmotized waters to be able to have the appropriate quality for each application with the best technology and with the lowest operating cost.

It is one of the best examples of the paper industry's adaptation to water scarcity, the minimization of the consumption of essential resources that are irreplaceable in other sectors such as the primary sector, the effective application of sustainability criteria, the circular economy and, ultimately, of compliance with the SDGs.

We thank the Miquel y Costas group for the trust placed in our group over more than a decade.


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