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Next delivery water treatment plant digestate process

10 January 2023

Ahidra Colsen Technologies is preparing to deliver the Can Canut Area Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Tirme environmental technologies park, located in the town of Marratxí on the island of Mallorca.

The WWTP is capable of treating 360 m³/day of the clarified mixture of anaerobic digestate and plant leachates using an N-DN biological system in MBR configuration and then a tertiary refining treatment.< br /> The incorporation of UF membranes of the MBR allows a more compact installation compared to conventional treatments in addition to producing a permeate free of suspended matter with a certain disinfectant capacity due to the retention of microorganisms and greater purification performance by increasing the contact time of the substrate with biology and hydrolysis.
Tertiary treatment is capable of reducing the refractory COD concentration to comply with the required discharge parameters.

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