Ahidra 32


12 March 2024
Ahidra agua y energía begins a research project to improve the valorization, through the production of biogas, of organic products that are difficult to biodegrade due to the high content of lignin and cellulose.
This research project is part of the Projects to Promote Competitiveness financed by the Agencia de la Competitividad de l'Empresa (ACCIO). Ahidra participates with the Bioenergy Cluster of Catalonia and Liquats Vegetals.
In this context, Ahidra proposes the methanization study of a sample of different organic waste of agricultural and industrial origin treated with enzymes to enhance their methanization capacity. The study, in addition to assessing what type of enzymes are the best to increase the generation of biogas, will also establish what is the best way to treat them, taking into account doses and operating conditions of the reactors. This project serves as a starting point to initiate specific research that seeks to validate the biodegradability potential of different organic waste pretreated with enzymes and will allow the company to maintain leadership in cutting-edge technologies related to anaerobic digestion and the treatment of digestates, where the Colsen group is a world leader.

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