After several years of hard work, intense research and development, several pilot plants and the philosophy of the company to always make available to our customers the most innovative technologies to make this world environmentally better, we are proud to announce that THE NEW POUL-AR® TECHNOLOGY IS ALREADY AVAILABLE, for the treatment of poultry generated in chicken and laying hens farms.

The great problem of directly using the poultry in the agriculture, apart from the environmental, is the inefficient ratio of the nutrients Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK), becoming into a residue of difficult management.
The key to the success of this new technology lies in the energy recover from the poultry, as well as in the maximum recovery of nutrients to produce a mineral organic fertilizer with a balanced and commercial NPK formula.

¡¡¡From now on with POUL-AR®, poultry manure ceases to be a waste or a bad fertilizer for agricultural use directly, to become into a great income, contribute to the circular economy and to significantly reduce the production of greenhouse gases!!!