After one year of operation in The Netherlands, Ahidra, agua y energía S.L performs the pilot plant installation of the Manure EcoMine project of the 7th programme frame R+D ( in Vic, Catalonia. The pilot plant has been installed in an area vulnerable per nitrate contamination. Manure EcoMine is a 3 year project which aims to recover nutrients from manure and blend them into green fertilizers.

The pilot plant, designed to treat pig and cow manure together with other co-substrates, consists on the following processes: Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion with biogas production and nutrients recovery (mostly Nitrogen and Phosphorus) in fertilizers (N-Struvite and K-Struvite) and biological removal of the Nitrogen excess.

The pilot plant will be operated and optimized by Ahidra, agua y Energía S.L in Vic (Raurell farm) during 2016.

Manure EcoMine aims to verify and optimize the most up-to-date technologies available in the market to valorise the manure waste generating fertilizers of high value.

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Video ManureEcoMine – FP7 European project