After years of engineering work and constant technology innovation, Ahidra begins to position itself as a leader company within the environmental sector, achieving great success in both the municipal and industrial sector.
Ahidra´s Direction has commited to further development of its business strategy in order to make the public aware of its high capacity to solve environmental problems, contributing as much as we can in making our global ecosystem more sustainable.
Ahidra has been exhibiting at the international fair of water SMAGUA 2016 with very gratifying results. Administrations, industries and managers of the integral water cycle have shown great interest in the solutions provided by Ahidra. With special focus on the Nitrogen removal process via Anammox, with its patent SBR-NAS®, after the successes of the WWTPs of Salamanca and Valladolid. In the industrial sector, Ahidra has aroused special interest for the project developed for one of the major lactic groups, located in northern Spain. Anaerobic digestion of cow manure and other substrates for the production of biogas equivalent to 4.5 MWh. This plant will be one of the largest Agroindustrial biogas plant in Europe.
Oscar Benito, Manager Director, introduced in SMAGUA Ahidra´s two Sales support and Business development: Alexis Diez (General Manager Latin America) and Daniel Caballero (Sales Director IBERIA) two highly qualified professionals with extensive business experience and with clear goal of being very close to the customer and provide customized solutions.
SMAGUA experience has been extremely positive for Ahidra and we look forward to sharing our success and new challenges in the IFAT 2016 in Munich with the best engineering at your service.