Gas treatment

Gas treatment

Biological processes for the treatment of polluting and/or odorous gases

Treatment of high loads of hydrogen sulfide for industrial biogas production facilities.

Ahidra, agua y energía, S.L. offers its potential customers a new technology successfully tested on an industrial scale: The aerobic biological process for reducing hydrogen sulphide in gas streams (BIDOX® Process).


BIDOX® System  for the treatment of 600 Nm3/h of biogas with highloads of hydrogen sulfide


  • Low operation cost, because it requires no specific chemical reagents
  • The reactor does not produce any toxic waste that needs to be managed as hazardous waste.
  • Compact and relatively simple reactor in terms of control and monitoring systems.

Treatment of other contaminants:

  • Aerobic biological oxidation of ammonia.
  • volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Mercaptans.
  • Treatment of odors and/or complex mixtures of pollutants in urban or industrial facilities.

The generation of gas streams containing complex mixtures of gases is a common problem in all types of industrial facilities. A valid alternative to conventional expensive and complex treatment systems, is the use of next-generation bioreactors, whose investment and maintenance costs are significantly lower than for physical-chemical systems.

Ahidra, agua y energía, S.L. can ensure a degree of knowledge of the process, which will involve the design of more efficient and economical reactors.

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