Waste water

Waste water

Treatment and reuse of industrial and urban wastewater.

What is sewage ? What is your treatment?

Wastewater can be defined as types of water that are contaminated with faecal matter and urine from human or animal organic wastes. Wastewater can also be contaminated by municipal waste or come from various industrial processes.

The wastewater treatment consists of a series of physical, chemical and biological processes that are designed to remove contaminants in the water.
The null or improper treatment of such water causes serious pollution problems.

The positioning of the company in recent years has been the treatment of wastewater ( effluent ) high in nitrogen , phosphorus, high organic load and high concentrations of salts .

We explain then how to carry out each of these processes:

We perform nitrogen removal through denitrification nitrate procedures , processes or processes NO2 MBR- MBR- NAS.

Phosphorus removal in urban wastewater with ANPHOS system.

Purification of effluents with high organic load through an anaerobic UASB and other biological process to reduce aerobic biological organic matter .

Reducing salt in urban wastewater by reverse osmosis open channel .

In our water treatment plant will manage the processes to be carried out for the purification and reuse them. Request more information on our website .

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