Organic waste anaerobic co-digestion

Organic waste anaerobic co-digestion

Waste is energy and energy is money!

Anaerobic digestion of organic waste has following purposes:

  • Solve the environmental problem of waste biomass.
  • Put primary biomass in value.
  • Increase incomes adding other waste biomass to cattle waste (manure, etc.).
  • Reuse of anaerobic digestion liquid fraction for irrigation or nutrient removal according to disposal requirements.
  • Nutrients recovery (N and P) for mineral/organic fertilizers production, together with the solid fraction of digestate.

Ahidra produccion de biogas

Process advantages:

Temperature range:
Thermophilic range (55,0 ºC). Half digestor size related to the mesophilic range.


Global solution:
Anaerobic co-digestion, solid-liquid separation of digestate, biogas desulphurization (Bidox® system) and different Nitrogen removal/recovery technologies (MBR- NAS® process) from anaerobic digestion liquid fraction effluent.

Recent application:
Anaerobic thermophilic digestion of urban wastewater dewatered sludge. More biogas production and less sludge disposal cost related to the mesophilic range.


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